Distance from Point A to Point B

by Ark Encounter on February 11, 2015

Unlike the Creation Museum, which runs into parking issues on extremely busy days causing guests to park on the back forty, the Ark Encounter is being built on a massive tract of land. In fact, the parking lots for guests at the Ark will take up 45 acres! That’s almost the size of the museum property. To get from the parking lots to the Ark will involve a bus ride of about a mile down into a valley and across a bridge that hasn’t been built yet, and then up the hill to the drop off point near the entrance to the Ark. The road on the Ark side has been graded out and stone has been placed down to the point where it will cross the bridge.

This video shows what the road looks like from the Ark side down to where the bridge needs to be built over a blue line creek (a blue line creek on your property means you cannot build or disturb the land within 30 feet of the centerline running through the winding, curvy stream of water).