Extreme Zip Lines

Soar down thousands of feet of zip lines, reach up to 50 mph and 15 stories in the air! At the Ark Encounter zip lines, you can choose your own thrill level before you ride, so both extreme thrill seekers and casual joy riders can enjoy their zip. To purchase tickets, call reservations at 859-824-2901 or book online below.

Extreme Speed

Extreme Length

The Ark Encounter zip lines features 24 different zip lines to the course. Ten of these mega zip lines are about 1,000 linear feet and two of them approach 2,000 feet.

Extreme Speed

Extreme Safety

Your safety is the primary concern. With the state-of-the-art closed safety hook system and safety policies, you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Extreme Speed

Extreme Speed and Height

Get ready for a wild ride, with speeds reaching up to 50 miles per hour and heights over 150 feet. At times you’ll be zooming more than 15 stories in the air!

Screaming Eagle

Make a day of it and experience the free fall jumps and adventure course! Take home proof you conquered the zip lines with the free photography package of action shots.

Available seven days a week during normal Ark Encounter hours. Closed January to mid-March. Not included in Ark Encounter admission.

Zip Line Tickets

To purchase tickets in advance for the zip lines, free fall, or adventure park, please call Reservations at 859-824-2901, or book online now. Reservations can also be made at the zip line sales station on arrival.

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Your Adventure Awaits

Zip Line Tickets

Level Zip Lines Sky Bridges Free Fall Price
Level 1 5 1–2 $49
Level 2 8 3–5 $69
Level 3 12 3–5 1* $99

*Does not include Flight Line jump.

Course Details
Aerial Adventure

Eagle’s Nest Aerial Adventure

Tier 1 is suitable for both children and adults. Tier 2 is intended for adults only.

Tier Price
Tier 1: Screaming Eaglet $29
Tier 2: Screaming Eagle $59
Tiers 1 + 2 Combo $69
Jump Tower

Jump Tower Tickets

Guests can choose from two kinds of jumps: Free Fall and Flight Line. Two-jump packages are for use by the same person (non-shareable).

Jump Price
Free Fall One Jump: $9.95
Two Jumps: $17.95
Flight Line One Jump: $19.95
Two Jumps: $29.95

Course Map

Screaming Eagle Course Map

Level 1: Yellow Lines
Level 2: Yellow + Blue Lines
Level 3: Yellow + Blue + Red Lines

Max Out Your Adventure

Max Out Your Adventure

Don’t just zip and be done with it. Max out your adventure with a dive on the four freefall jumps ranging from 40 to 80 feet high. Or, get creative on the Eagle’s Nest Aerial Adventure course that has over 2,300 linear feet of extreme adventures! Are you up for the challenge?

Take Home the Proof

Take Home the Proof

The free photography package of action shots from your zips will give you something to remember your adventure—and to show your friends and family!