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What to know before you visit

Zip Lines Overview

Can I Zip?

Before you schedule a zip line or Eagle’s Nest Aerial Adventure course, please carefully consider these requirements.


  • Zip line and free fall participants must be eight years of age, but you’re never too old!
  • Eagle’s Nest Aerial Adventure participants can be as young as four years old.


  • Minimum: 75 pounds
  • Zip line and Eagle’s Nest Aerial Adventure maximum: 250 pounds for women and 285 pounds for men
  • Free fall maximum: 285 pounds for men and women
  • Flight Line maximum: 250 pounds
  • Note: Be prepared to step on a scale for accurate weights.

Physical Limitations

Participants are required to have full range of motion, average balance capabilities, use of both of their upper and lower extremities, be able to understand verbal commands or hand signals, and must be capable of understanding, retaining and obeying verbal instructions.

Participants must be able to climb stairs on towers up to 80' high, hike unpaved trails, control the speed of their travel along the zip lines by grasping the cable with leather gloves, and be able to pull themselves along the zip cable several feet in the event they lose their momentum before reaching any given platform.

Zip line canopy tours are not recommended for second and third trimester or high risk pregnancies or guests that have moderate to severe muscular-skeletal problems or severe arthritis. This list is not complete and any guest with medical problems should notify the staff and consult their own MD for participation recommendations.