Ark Donations

The Ark Encounter is adding a separate 800-seat theater/multi-purpose facility and made public safety/security enhancements to its phase one plans. While these additions have increased the donation funding goal by $4 million, we are pleased to share that generous supporters have already provided $1 million toward these additional needs. You may read more about these enhancements on the Ark Encounter blog.

Please partner with us in this amazing outreach by making a gift of any size below or by sponsoring a peg, plank, or beam used to build the Ark. Thank you!




Total amount $100 $1,000 $5,000
Three-month payment plan option (ends March 31, 2016) $33.34/mo. $333.34/mo. $1666.67/mo.
Sponsorship is tax-deductible*
Certificate with your name and serial number**
Print/save electronic certificate online
Lookup location of peg/plank/beam on website and kiosk
Your name on recognition wall inside ark
One exclusive Ark replica model***
Ken Ham signs your ark model
Free passes to ribbon cutting
Free passes to behind the scenes events

*When choosing to receive a replica with a beam or plank sponsorship, $75 of the gift will be non-deductible for the value of the Ark replica model.
**Up to three-month delivery timeframe for certificates.
***If you have chosen to receive the Ark replica, the model will be shipped subject to delivery timeframe (up to six months).




Questions? Ark Admin Team: 855.284.3275