Ark Donations

Matching Gift Opportunity!

We are thrilled to share that several supporters have stepped forward to offer a special matching gift opportunity for all gifts up to our $33.5 million donation goal through June 15, 2016! Your gift of any size to the Ark Encounter project through June 15 will generate a 50% matching gift (i.e. your $100 gift will generate a $50 matching gift to the Ark)!

Peg, Plank, and Beam donations are only available until May 31, 2016.
Donations of any size for the Ark Encounter can still be made after May 31.




Total amount $100 $1,000 $5,000
Sponsorship is tax-deductible*
Certificate with your name and serial number**
Print/save electronic certificate online
Lookup location of peg/plank/beam on website and kiosk
Your name on recognition wall inside ark
One exclusive Ark replica model (while supplies last)***
Ken Ham signs your ark model
Free passes to ribbon cutting

*When choosing to receive a replica with a beam or plank sponsorship, $75 of the gift will be non-deductible for the value of the Ark replica model.
**Up to three-month delivery timeframe for certificates.
***If you have chosen to receive the Ark replica, the model will be shipped subject to delivery timeframe (up to six months).




Questions? Ark Admin Team: 855.284.3275