Taxpayers “On the Hook”?

by Ark Encounter on January 10, 2011

A recent editorial in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette came out against the Ark Encounter, but its reasoning was all wrong! The editorial, which has been reprinted in at least two other newspapers, misleads people to believe that Kentucky taxpayers are “on the hook” for 25 percent of the total cost of the project. According to Answers in Genesis CCO Mark Looy, in his reply to the paper, “the only people to pay for the ark’s operation will be the Ark Encounter visitors, who will purchase tickets and also pay sales tax at the attraction.” If the Ark meets certain attendance marks as it draws tourists to the state, then the state will rebate some of the sales tax back to the Ark—but no money is being taken out of the state budget to help fund the Ark Encounter.

The original editorial, entitled “Public dollars may go to a creationist theme park,” can be found on the Post-Gazette’s website. Looy’s response can be found on their “Open Letters” section.

For more information about the tax incentives (i.e., rebates) that may be offered to the Ark Encounter, read our recent “Feedback” article.

Note: at the time of this blog’s posting, the Post-Gazette has yet to issue a retraction of the editorial, but at least it did print Looy’s letter.