State-of-the-Art Exhibits

Ark Encounter is three exhibits in one—the massive Ark structure itself, the incredible craftsmanship, and the beautifully-fabricated teaching exhibits. The combination of all three will amaze and inspire you to think differently about the biblical account of Noah’s Ark.

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Full-Size Noah’s Ark

At 510 feet long, 51 feet high, and 85 feet wide, Noah’s Ark stretched an American football field and a half long. That’s large enough to fit thousands of visitors to see the dozens of exhibit bays at Ark Encounter.

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Ark beams
beautiful woodwork

Beautiful Craftsmanship

Ark Encounter is the largest timber frame structure in the world, built from standing dead timber, in part by skilled Amish craftsmen. The Ark is an architectural and engineering wonder containing three decks of world-class exhibits.

Animals on Board

Many of the animals that lived during Noah’s lifetime didn’t look much like the animals we see today. Prepare to have your expectations challenged by a host of incredibly lifelike sculpted animals, along with exotic live animals from around the world in Ararat Ridge Zoo. Plus, you’ll learn how Noah could have cared for all the animals and how the Ark was big enough to fit them all on board.

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Noah's Family

Noah’s Family

Be transported back in time to meet Noah and his seven other family members, who lived aboard the Ark and cared for all the animals during the Flood. See what their living quarters may have looked like, what they could have brought on board, and even what kinds of clothing they wore.

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The Flood

There are hundreds of legends from around the world that are all centered on a worldwide flood. Did these legends originate in an actual historical event? What happened to Noah, the animals, and the Earth after the Flood? Find out the answers to these questions and more at Ark Encounter.

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