Ararat Ridge Zoo

Visit animals from around the world like Tibetan yaks, kangaroos, and ostriches. Then imagine you live in biblical times and take a ride on a donkey or camel. With fun for the kids and biblical teaching content for all ages, the Ararat Ridge Zoo is a must-do at Ark Encounter. Your zoo visit is included with Ark Encounter admission; camel and donkey rides have additional cost.

Animals From Different Continents

Get up close to a mom and baby Tibetan yak that are domestic high mountainous terrain animals. Plus you’ll encounter exotic animals from around the world like kangaroos, ostriches, emus, and all sorts of lizards.

Zoo Zebra

Biblical Teaching

Keeping with the nature of Ark Encounter, Ararat Ridge Zoo is centered on a biblical theme and presents teaching material about the animals from a biblical worldview. The zoo is an excellent place to bring the budding scientist or animal lover in your family.

Petting Zoo

Hands-On Activities for Kids

Kids get a kick out of feeding and petting our farm animals like llamas, goats, alpacas, and sheep. And our animals love the attention, too! Plus, maybe you’ll get to say hello to one of the zoo creatures when a zookeeper takes them out on a tour of the grounds.

Ride a Donkey or Camel

Imagine you live in biblical times when you saddle up and ride on a donkey or camel. Suitable for both kids and adults. This safe and guided ride enhances your experience at Ark Encounter and gets your mind engaged to enjoy the rest of what the Ark has to offer.