Is the Bible True?

New Exhibit

We all struggle with doubts at times. Is the Bible really from God? Does it have errors? Follow Gabriela, Ryo, and Andre around their college campus as they are challenged about their beliefs. The new exhibit “Why the Bible Is True” addresses many common objections to trusting God’s Word.

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Just Another Religious Text?

Just Another Religious Text?

With all the religions in the world, how can you know what to believe? You’ll find out the Bible is worlds apart from any other book in its scope, consistency, and message!

Are the Manuscripts Reliable?

Are the Manuscripts Reliable?

How do we know the original message wasn’t lost over thousands of years? Compared to the Bible, proof for other famous ancient texts doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. Don’t miss this eye-opening coffee shop lesson!

What about Death and Suffering?

What about Death and Suffering?

If God is good, how can He allow so much death and suffering? The Bible reveals the origin of pain and death, as well as God’s plan to end tragedy forever. Walk with Gabriela and Ryo as they discover God even through painful trials.

Doors of the Bible

Walk through a unique gospel presentation that covers key biblical history while making sense of Christ’s death, burial, and Resurrection. Learn what’s wrong with this world and the good news of how we can be right with God.

New Graphic Novel

This compelling story is now available as a 72-page graphic novel, available through the Ark Encounter’s parent ministry, Answers in Genesis.

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