A Trip to Colorado

by Ark Encounter on February 26, 2015

Recently several members of the team working on the Ark Encounter flew to Colorado to check out the lumber that is being cut and treated for the Ark.

Ark Encounter Etched Timber

This is a picture of the first timber off the CNC machine at Colorado Timber Frame. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which means that the wood for the Ark is being precisely cut by a computerized machine with a number of different tools like drills and saws. Colorado Timber Frame is one of the few places in the US that could handle such a tall order.

Ark timber in the yard

This is a picture of the Ark timber in the yard.

Each piece worth $3,000

Each piece is worth $3,000!

Center poles

Here are 2 of the 64 center poles.


This picture is a representation of about 40% of the timber on site. Soon truckloads with this timber will be headed to Kentucky for the construction of the largest timber frame structure in the United States, if not the world!