What Is a Fairy-tale Ark and Why Is It Dangerous?

by Ark Encounter on February 9, 2016

Certainly you’ve seen drawings, kids’ books and toys, and images that portray a tiny Noah’s Ark that looks like a bathtub, with the giraffes’ heads sticking out and modern animals on board. Images like this one:

Noah’s Ark Books on Shelf

Everyone’s smiling and happy. There’s no explanation for the cause of the Flood. There’s certainly no mention of sin or past and coming judgment. We call those images fairy-tale arks. And we think they’re dangerous. We’re dedicating an entire exhibit at the Ark Encounter to warn people how they could be unknowingly teaching their kids to disbelieve the Bible from a young age. The artist who’s designing the exhibit explains the problem:

Take a look at some of the mockups of the fairy-tale Ark exhibit you’ll experience when you visit the Ark Encounter when it opens on July 7, 2016:

Deceptively Cute Exhibit Interior

On the exhibit’s walls, you’ll see dozens of children’s books and toys that portray the Ark like a fairy tale. You’ll also learn the 7 D’s of Deception (a twist on the Creation Museum’s 7 C’s of History), such as Deceptively Cute, Disregarding God’s Word, Distorting the Message.

Let’s remember that the biblical account of the Ark and the Flood is not a fun story about an old man and lots of cute animals. It’s about God judging an exceedingly wicked world while sparing a righteous man, his family, and representatives of the land animals from destruction. Even though the people who produce these fairy-tale arks may have good intentions, we need to be careful to accurately teach the Word of God to the next generation.

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