Ark Tour: Arriving at the Park

What to Expect at the Ark

by Ark Encounter on March 17, 2016

In the months leading up to the opening of the Ark Encounter on July 7, 2016, we are starting a series of blog posts that will take you on a sneak peek tour of the park. Of course, we won’t show you everything in this series, and there is simply no way a handful of images can replace the thrill of experiencing in person the Ark and all of its dynamic exhibits and features. So be sure to order your tickets soon to secure your spot during the first 40 Days and 40 Nights.

Visitors will enter the property where most attractions begin—the parking lot. To prepare this expansive space, approximately one million cubic yards of dirt had to be leveled, creating room for approximately 4,000 parking spots.

Parking Lot Construction

Here is a picture showing some of the previous work on the parking lot. The utility pole on the mound in the middle of the image reveals how much ground has been moved.

Construction of the Outpost

The construction of the outpost is underway on our now flattened parking lot.

After parking, guests will move to the outpost to have their tickets scanned before boarding a bus that will carry them across the scenic mile-long road to the Ark.