Time to Start Installing Exhibits

by Ark Encounter on March 23, 2016

Since the Ark Encounter is opening soon, it's time to start installing the scores of exhibits you'll see when you visit. The exhibit pieces have all been prepared off-site at a warehouse in Hebron, Kentucky, and now we’ll transport them approximately 40 miles south to Williamstown, Kentucky, where they’ll be installed at the life-size Ark. Our team has already started the prep work for this monumental task.

You can expect to see all sorts of interesting, educational, and Bible-affirming exhibits at the Ark Encounter. Learn about Flood geology, Noah and his family, the animal kinds on board, what the culture was like 4,000 years ago during Noah's day, and a whole lot more. Check out the video below featuring some of the pieces you'll see inside the Ark when you visit.