What Two South American Animals Are Related to the Camel?

by Ark Encounter on March 2, 2023

Can you guess what two South American animals are related to camels? If you said alpacas and llamas, you are correct! These three animals are all part of the camelid created kind.

A “kind” is not the same as a “species.” An animal kind, or baramin (from the Hebrew words for “created” and “kind”), is a group of related animals that are not related to any other animals. It was a much broader category than species, the modern term of classification, and often corresponds to the family level in current taxonomy.

Despite camels, alpacas, and llamas being in the same created kind, they have many differences. For instance, did you know that camel humps don’t contain water? Camels today are native to the Old World and llamas and alpacas today are native to New World.


Llamas make great guard animals because they are not afraid to fight off predators, and alpacas are raised primarily for their fiber because their fleece is incredibly soft. And while these two animals are often confused for each other, there are several key differences, such as their size and personalities.

Alpacas and Llamas

God’s Incredible Design

Do you want to learn more about these three animals and their similarities and differences? Explore their similarities and differences in this video with zoo animal programs manager Karina Altman and hoofstock zookeeper Kaitlyn O’Leary.

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