They Refused to Scatter

by Ark Encounter on May 30, 2024

The Babel event in Genesis 11 gives us the proper foundation for understanding so much of what we observe in our world today.

The biblical account explains the origin of our language families, but it also helps us understand the variations in people groups and that there is no biblical justification for racism.

God’s Command

After the flood, Noah’s descendants spoke one language. The Lord told them to multiply and fill the earth. They filled the first part of this command as the world’s population quickly grew. Unlike the animals that spread out to every corner of the globe, the people stayed together, refusing to fill the earth.

Babel Exhibit

Man’s Rebellion

In direct rebellion of God’s command to spread throughout the earth, the people gathered in the plain of Shinar. They desired to make a name for themselves and decided to build a city with a tower whose top reached into the heavens.

Tower of Babel Diorama

God’s Judgment

Since the people refused to scatter, God put an end to their rebellion and accomplished his purpose by confusing their language. No longer able to communicate with each other, the people abandoned their efforts and departed from Babel.

Babel Exhibit

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