Allergen Friendly Information: Ark Encounter

We know how important it is for your dining experience to be safe and for you to leave with only great memories. Meeting your needs is a responsibility we do not take lightly, and we want you to have the information you need to make a safe decision for you and your loved ones. Due to local ordinances, we are not able to allow outside food items in the park. While we are prepared to accommodate guests with allergies, those who truly require outside food due to very severe allergy issues should contact guest services at the link below.

A great place for our guests with food allergies is Emzara’s Buffet, a buffet at the Ark Encounter. If you choose to dine at Emzara’s, see a host or cashier upon arrival and let them know your dietary needs. They will request someone trained in allergen information to help you. Your experience may require a walk-through with one of our dining personnel to determine what is safe for you to eat. They may take notes and prepare your items in the back from unopened pans of food. We will do our best to prepare the food you like with your needs in mind.

We also keep the eight major food sensitivities in mind while we prepare several items. For example, most vegetables are prepared with an olive oil blend instead of butter to avoid dairy. But those with allergies need to be aware that there is always the possibility of cross-contact with another item on the food bar. Please see the chart below to see all our food venues and their ability to serve your needs.

If you have severe or multiple allergies (to three or more of these allergens), please contact customer service before your visit to help us better prepare to accommodate you. Please provide the following information on our contact form in the message field: allergen(s) and severity, when you will be visiting, and which attraction(s) you will be visiting. You will receive an email from one of our trained chefs with more information and probably additional questions. Because this process is thorough, it may take a few days and a few emails to ensure safe food selections.

Celiac Disease

Please note that we are not a certified facility. We do, however, sell some packaged food items that are certified gluten-free (GF). We carry an individually packaged GF roll at most of our food locations, and a sandwich can be made on these buns. We do have staff wash their hands and change gloves before handling GF products on clean preparation surfaces. If this solution meets your level of concern, please feel free to ask for such products with the understanding that there is still a chance of cross-contact within our kitchens. We will take care of your needs to the best of our ability.

We also love to hear your suggestions and ideas for children’s food options! We look forward to having you as our guest at the Ark Encounter and assisting you with your dining needs.


AiG Culinary Team

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The chart below shows a Yes for our food venues which can serve your dietary/allergen needs. Although we cannot rule out some allergens altogether, we do have the ability to custom-build your meal to meet the needs of your sensitivity.

Emzara’s Buffet Zofar’s Southwest Grill Olive Leaf Café
Egg Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fish Yes Yes Yes Yes
Milk Yes Yes Yes Yes
Peanuts Shared Shared Shared Shared
Sesame Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shellfish Yes Yes Yes Yes
Soy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tree nuts Shared Shared Shared Shared
Wheat Shared Shared Shared Shared
Gluten ** Yes ** Yes ** Yes ** Yes
Lactose Yes Yes Yes Yes
Corn Yes Yes Yes Yes
Citrus Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nightshade Family Yes Yes Yes Yes
MSG Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shared Some items are prepared on the same pieces of equipment. When addressing severe allergies, we encourage different selections.
** Yes We can prepare items on GF bread and avoid cross-contact. WE ARE NOT A CERTIFIED CELIAC FACILITY, meaning there can be shared equipment.