Biofact Shows

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Biofacts are nonliving materials that come from living things. They include fur, feathers, scales, eggs, horns, bones, teeth, and fossils. Biofacts provide interactive experiences that help guests connect to animals, especially non-contact or extinct animals. They also highlight features of God’s design that are not obvious from the outside and serve as aids for visualizing the history of animals within creation.

When do biofact shows occur?

Show times vary by season, so when you arrive, check your daily schedule to find the show themes and times. Shows last 20–30 minutes.

Where are the biofact shows located?

Biofact shows occur at the Noah’s Village Stage adjacent to the Ark structure.

Can I touch the biofacts?

At the end of each show, the speaker will allow guests to touch select objects.

What types of biofact shows are there?

Dinosaur Detectives

What do we know about dinosaurs from the parts they left behind? Learn from some real fossils how these extinct giants are explained, starting with the Bible.

Ice Age Giants

North America used to be home to some of the largest land mammals ever. Interact with their fossils and learn about their relatives living in our zoos today.