Terry Mortenson

“Did God Create over Millions of Years?” with Dr. Terry Mortenson

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Many Christians reject biological evolution but accept millions of years of geological and cosmological evolution and insist that the age of the creation is a “side issue” over which Christians “can agree to disagree.”

After a brief explanation of theistic evolution, Dr. Mortenson presents seven reasons why all old-earth views (e.g., gap theory, day-age theory, framework hypothesis, and theistic evolution) should be rejected:

  1. Genesis clearly teaches young-earth creation.
  2. Old-earth views contradict Scriptural teaching about the Fall.
  3. Old-earth views unintentionally assault the character of God.
  4. Old-earth views ignore or reject the global Flood of Noah.
  5. Old-earth views contradict the teaching of Jesus and Paul.
  6. The idea of millions of years flows out of a naturalistic worldview.
  7. Old-earth views in effect undermine the gospel.

The idea of millions of years of earth and cosmic history is as unbiblical (and unscientific) as biological and human evolution. All the old-earth views cause serious damage to the church and her witness (contrary to the sincere intentions of the advocates of these old-earth views).

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Dr. Terry Mortenson: Dr. Terry Mortenson earned a PhD in history of geology and has lectured on the creation-evolution controversy in 35 countries since the late 1970s.

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July 25, 2024