Explore Jr. FAQ

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Q: Do I need to attend with my child?
A: Yes. Due to the nature of the program, Jr. Explorers must be accompanied by an adult.

Q: As an accompanying adult, do I need to purchase a ticket?
A: The combo price includes one adult and one child. Additional adults and/or children can be added during checkout.

Q: Are Jr. Explorers divided into teams?
A: No. Jr. Explorers complete the day’s activities with their accompanying adult. This a great way to spend time together as a family!

Q: I would love to bring a group of students from my co-op class. If I attend as a teacher, does a parent still need to accompany each child?
A: Yes, a parent will need to accompany each child. Explore Jr. is designed for the parent and child to enjoy together and offers opportunity for parents to reinforce what they learned together in everyday moments.

Q: I have multiple children who would like to attend. Does each child need an accompanying adult?
A: No. However, for the best experience during the program, we suggest no more than three children per adult.

Q: Can I bring children under the minimum age?
A: No. As accompanying adults will be participating in the program with their child, we are not able to accommodate children who are not attendees.

Q: Can I transfer my child’s registration to another Explore Jr. program?
A: Unfortunately, our system does not allow us to transfer registrations. If your request is made 21 days or more before the program for which you are registered, we would be happy to refund your registration, allowing you to re-register for the Explore Day of your choice. For refunds, please contact Reservations at (800) 721-2298.

Q: We are unable to attend the Explore Jr. Day for which we registered. Can I have a refund?
A: We are happy to refund any Explore registrations at least 21 days before the date of the program. Due to the amount of preparation that each day necessitates, we are unable to provide refunds within 21 days of the program date. For refunds, please contact Reservations at (800) 721-2298.

Q: Registration on the website is closed. Can you put me on the waiting list? Will you open additional seats for a sold-out Explore Jr. Day?
A: As we receive so few cancellations, we have not found a need to create a waiting list. Due to classroom size, we are unable to open additional seats for Explore Days.