What Happened After Noah’s Flood?

The waters took quite a while to recede. While a new landscape was being formed beneath him, Noah made plans to disembark. He sent out birds to see if there was any dry land. Roughly a year after the Flood began, the earth was ready.

Animals leaving Noah's Ark

How Did All Those Animals Leave the Ark?

The animals probably left the Ark the same way they entered—through the door. Perhaps the flying creatures went out through the window or the opening made when the “covering” was removed (Genesis 8:13). The process may have taken some time, but eventually all of the animals were able to exit the Ark to spread around the globe.

What Kinds of Animals Did Noah Bring on the Ark?
Noah offering a sacrifice

First Things First

Noah built an altar and made an offering to the Lord after leaving the Ark. God blessed Noah and his sons and told them to repopulate and fill the earth. Then the Lord gave some instructions that permitted man to eat meat, but He gave a strong warning against killing people.

What God Said He’d Do

God established a covenant with man and the living creatures to never again flood the earth. He put the rainbow in the heavens as a sign of this covenant. The rainbow is a beautiful reminder that God cares for us and keeps His promises.


Brave New World After the Flood

The landscape had changed drastically. Tectonic and volcanic activity had built mountains and gouged valleys as the water raced into the sea. As Noah and his family saw new landscapes that might have looked familiar, they may have reused names known to them from before the Flood. But this was a new world.

Tower of Babel

Fill the Earth

We do know that it didn’t take long for man to disobey God and cause Him to intervene once again. Instead of spreading out as the animals did, man decided to stay together—and even to try to make a name for themselves by building a city and a tower. But that is another story . . .

Climate Change

Weather patterns after the Flood were very different from what Noah’s family had known prior to the deluge. Widespread volcanic activity combined with warm ocean temperatures set the stage for the Ice Age that soon followed.

Caveman home

Real Cavemen

As Noah’s descendants began to scatter across the world after Babel, some of them would have found themselves in difficult environments. As they still do in parts of the world today, caves would have made suitable homes for people who didn’t have the ability or resources to build homes. These “cavemen” lived at the same time as the city builders and the hunter-gatherers.

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