Special Assistance Request

The Ark Encounter strives to provide everyone access to the same rich educational and entertainment opportunities. See accessibility accommodations.

For guests who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: The Ark Encounter is accessible. Videos are captioned, and the entire experience is very visual and experiential. If you would like to request an interpreter, you may complete the form below, and we will see if one of our wonderful, competent volunteers is available. Please submit this form at least 3 weeks before your visit so that we can serve you well!

For guests who are blind or visually impaired: We are pleased to now offer BRF files for portable braille readers. The content includes signage from each teaching deck inside the Ark Encounter. Click here to download and use these files for your braille reader.

Questions about wheelchair/ECV rentals? Please visit our Helpful Tips page for details.

Request ASL Interpreter

How to Contact on Day of Visit

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