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We are so pleased to offer Tactile Experiences to our guests who have low vision, are blind, or are on the autism spectrum. The immediate family or assistant of the individual requesting this experience is welcome to attend.

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If you would like to request the Tactile Experiences at the Creation Museum, please do so here.

  1. The Ark Encounter Tactile Experience gives guests a hands-on experience with a variety of items representing various exhibits throughout the Ark. The Guest Services staff will give detailed descriptions of each item as well as answer commonly asked questions related to the Ark and the flood of Noah’s day. Offered Monday–Friday at 1:00 PM and Saturday at 2:00 PM.
  2. The Ararat Ridge Zoo’s Tactile Experience allows guests to “tour” the zoo’s animal collection. The shapes, textures, sounds, and smells of the animals come to life with fur, feathers, scales, bones, eggs, and other biofacts. Guests can even meet some of the zoo’s live ambassador animals. Offered Monday–Friday at 2:15 PM and Saturday at 3:15 PM (Not available January–February).

Please submit your request below at least two weeks before your visit to ensure the availability of these unique, complimentary experiences!

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