Mining Sluice & Fossil Find

The mining sluice at the Ark Encounter, which is sponsored by Camp Infinity, provides fun for all ages and is located behind the Ark by the Ararat Ridge Zoo. Purchase your bag of dirt for $10 (including tax) and head over to the panning sluice to see if your bag contains amber, horn coral, petrified wood, or shark tooth fossils.

Biblical Perspective

The history in God’s Word provides a framework for understanding fossils. Not only will your family enjoy revealing and identifying the fossils from your bag of dirt, but you will also learn about the science of paleontology from a biblical perspective.

Interactive Learning

This interactive activity will help teach your children how to think biblically about fossils, and they will learn that science confirms God’s Word from the very beginning. Each child takes home a card that gives a biblical explanation for fossils.

Camp Infinity

At Camp Infinity, students experience interactive STEM education with a creation apologetics worldview. If you have a science-minded young person, be sure to check out the various programs that Camp Infinity offers.