Ark Overnights

Looking for the perfect group adventure or youth retreat? Spend a night aboard Noah’s Ark! This behind-the-scenes opportunity is especially popular with youth groups and Christian schools.

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Overnights are available Sunday through Friday evenings all year long. Bookings must be at least two months in advance.

Explore the Exhibits

Explore the Exhibits

After the Ark is closed for the day, all three decks of stunning exhibits are yours to explore on your adventure (or youth retreat)!

Late-Night Fun

Late-Night Fun

Start the night out with a tour, games, and a snack, and then settle in for an entertaining and educational video before bedtime.

Spend the Night on Noah’s Ark

Roll out your sleeping bags and settle in for a night aboard the Ark with Noah’s family and the animals. Girls and boys sleep separately on the Ark’s second and third decks.

Breakfast Options

After spending a night aboard the Ark, your group will gather for breakfast at Emzara’s restaurant. Choose from three different breakfast options when requesting your reservation:

Basic (included)
Pop Tarts, yogurt, granola, cold cereal, assorted muffins, milk, coffee, orange juice.

Partially Hot ($7 each)
Assorted muffins, cold cereal, assorted fresh fruit, waffles, breakfast burritos, yogurt, granola, milk, coffee, orange juice.

Buffet ($12 each)
Assorted muffins, bacon, sausage links, eggs, fried potatoes, biscuits, gravy, fried apples, yogurt, granola, French toast, syrup, milk, coffee, orange juice. (Requires three week advance notice.)

Private Zoo Tour

Meet exotic animals like zebras and ostriches up close with a behind-the-scenes tour from the zoo staff at Ararat Ridge Zoo! After your zoo experience, your group is free to explore the Ark and grounds for the rest of the day.

Full Itinerary

Evening Arrival

Day at the Ark/Departure

Note: Bedding and shower facilities are not provided.

Prices and Reservations

Minimum group size: 30 participants and 4 chaperones (34 total)
Maximum group size: 90 participants and 10 chaperones (100 total)

Participants (Ages 9–17): $69.95
Minimum of 30 participants (or paying for 30) required, maximum of 90. This program is intended for youth and school groups ages 9 to 17, not groups of adults.

Chaperones (Ages 18+): $52.95
One chaperone per 10 participants required (minimum of four, maximum of eight): Two male, two female. Additional chaperones beyond eight must pay participant rate.

Take Home a Memory
Don’t miss getting your group picture taken by Foto FX! Special overnight package rate of $8 and a digital copy for an additional $2.

Request Your Reservation Payment and Cancellation Policies

Request Your Reservation

Please use the form below to request your reservation before booking a group, in order to confirm details and availability.

A $250 deposit is required at the time of booking. Final payment is due three weeks before the overnight. See payment, cancellation, and rescheduling policies for more information.

Tell Us About Your Group

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Date of Overnight

Saturday night overnights are not offered. Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Estimated Count of Overnight Guests

Minimum group size is 34. Maximum group size is 100. This program is intended for youth and school groups, ages 9 to 17.

A Night at the Museum

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