“An undeniable spectacle, and it must be seen to be believed.”
—Chicago Tribune

Press Room

largest in the world

Largest timber-frame structure in the world

510 feet tall

510 feet long and over 50 feet tall

huge center beams

Solid wood center beams nearly 10 feet around

“The Ark is remarkable. It's some of the best wood-working I've ever seen.”
—Jimmy Carter, Former US President

Ark Encounter Media Resources

The Ark Encounter, owned and operated by Answers in Genesis (AiG), welcomes you to our media page. This online resource for credentialed media and Ark Encounter supporters offers quick information about phase one ($100 million) of this historical theme park, with a 510-foot-long Ark as the centerpiece.

Opened July 7, 2016, the Ark Encounter is located right off exit 154 in Williamstown, Kentucky, half way between Cincinnati, Ohio and Lexington, Kentucky. The Ark is 40 miles from its popular sister attraction, the Creation Museum.

Please see our media kit for key facts, bios, high-resolution photos, and more about the Ark Encounter.

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I believe this huge ship will be a wonder of our modern world.
—Ken Ham, President/CEO

Christmas to Glow at the Ark and Creation Museum
Oct. 2, 2018

Christmas to Glow at the Ark and Creation Museum

Kentucky will be hosting visitors from across the nation as the spectacular annual Christmas programs return to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum.

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Answers in Genesis Videos Now on
July 10, 2018

Answers in Genesis Videos Now on

Answers in Genesis announced that it has entered into an agreement with the online streaming service to carry AiG’s huge collection of videos.

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Ark Encounter Film Captures Major Awards
March 19, 2018

Ark Encounter Film Captures Major Awards

The new film As in The Days of Noah was the recipient of two first-place movie awards at the 5th annual Christian Worldview Film Festival which concluded Saturday.

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Creation Museum

Ark Encounter is a sister attraction of the Creation Museum, a high-tech, 75,000-square-foot facility located west of the Cincinnati Airport in Petersburg, Kentucky.

Creation Museum Press Room