7th Annual Deaf Day at Creation Museum, and Now at Ark Encounter, October 15 and 16, 2016

Editor’s note: This article was adapted from a news release that was recently distributed to the media.

Building on the Creation Museum’s annual Deaf Day, Answers in Genesis is now hosting two Deaf Days, one at the popular museum on October 15, and one at the newly opened Ark Encounter in nearby Williamstown on October 16. Both events will include ASL Interpreters and deaf volunteers to assist hearing-impaired guests as they experience the many exhibits and displays at each location as well as to assist with ticket sales, food ordering, and providing directions.

Deaf Day

In addition, the event at the Creation Museum, which is now setting attendance records, includes many extras as this day has grown through the past seven years. The museum’s shows, presentations, and special programs will be ASL interpreted, and captions will be shown all day in the Stargazer’s Planetarium and for the Men in White special-effects show. Volunteers will be available.

Guests will also be able to enjoy Deaf-led programming provided by Deaf Missions, a team of deaf college students that has come for the past three years and performed exciting dramas—a different show every year! Voice interpretation is provided for hearing guests as well.

Mark Looy, CCO and cofounder of AiG, noted:

The talented Calvin Farley, who is an adjunct instructor of ASL at the University of Tennessee, is returning to the Creation Museum to present on the Book of Genesis. This young man with a heart for biblical truths has just completed his Master’s studies. In addition to his teaching career, Calvin loves sharing with the Deaf how to defend Scripture whenever the Lord opens the door, especially at Deaf Day at the Creation Museum and now at the Ark Encounter.

Visiting the Ark Encounter the following day, hearing-impaired guests, even without interpreters, will be amazed just by the sheer size of the Ark, its craftsmanship, and visual life-like exhibits. A stroll through the decks of the massive Ark, seeing the animal models and observing how Noah and his family may have cared for them, will help visitors discover the real account of Noah’s Flood as recorded in the Book of Genesis. They will also enjoy the animals in Ararat Ridge Zoo behind the Ark.

Ark Encounter

Deaf guests and their immediate family members can each purchase $10 tickets to the Creation Museum at the door for October 15, 2016, and $40 tickets to the Ark Encounter (45 minutes away) on October 16, 2016. Creation Museum tickets are valid for two entries to the museum.

Answers in Genesis is an apologetics (i.e., Bible-defending) ministry based in Northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati. Its Creation Museum, located west of the Cincinnati Airport, has welcomed 2.8 million visitors since opening in 2007 and has proved to be a major family attraction in the Midwest. It opened the Ark Encounter, a one-of-a-kind historically themed attraction, on July 7 in Williamstown, Kentucky, and is approaching 400,000 visitors in its first three months. Built according to the biblical dimensions in Genesis 6, the Ark stands seven stories high and is 510 feet in length, making it the largest freestanding timber-frame structure in the world.

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