Ark Encounter and Creation Museum to Host Día Latino for Spanish-Speaking Guests

Editor’s note: This article was adapted from a news release that was recently distributed to the media.

The annual Día Latino has been announced for both the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum this year, set for September 30 and October 1, respectively. Each day at these world-renowned Northern Kentucky attractions, Spanish speakers will hear multiple presentations in Spanish, as well as experience simultaneous interpretation of existing English-language videos and workshops. Last year, over 2,100 Spanish speakers attended Día Latino at the just-opened full-size Noah’s Ark.

The exhibits at both attractions, operated by Answers in Genesis (AiG), are loaded with Christian apologetics information, which will help Christians learn to defend their faith and help non-Christians explore whether the Bible is true and how science and history support the Scriptures. Guests will be able to soak in the information with the help of Spanish interpreters and will have the opportunity to take home Spanish-language resources AiG has produced. For some visitors, it may be the first time that they are exposed to information that contradicts what is being taught them in schools and the media.

“We are excited once again to host our Spanish-speaking guests for Día Latino at both the Ark and museum this year. We recognize that many of them don’t have the opportunity to hear Bible-defending teaching in their native language, which is important for their own understanding of some vital relevant topics,” Answers in Genesis president and CEO Ken Ham said. “We are blessed to have Spanish speakers on staff and among our volunteers, and we are grateful for their passion and commitment to make this outreach happen.”

The U.S. is second only to Mexico for the most Spanish-speaking people in the world, many of whom find themselves in the middle of two cultures and languages—often with parents possessing limited English language skill. Answers in Genesis’ Latin ministry manager Joe Owen explains that this barrier can create a huge gap between what their children learn in school about origins and what they privately read in the Bible in Genesis, even creating a belief in naturalistic indoctrination versus anything supernatural.

“That’s why Día Latino is such an immense outreach to these families,” Owen said. “For most of our guests, this will be the first time they have ever seen any ‘kickback’ against the naturalistic system that is so prevalent in our public schools, government, and media.”

While exhibits at both attractions are written in English, all of the interpreters and accompanying teachings on Día Latino are in Spanish. This creates a unique, bilingual learning experience for the whole family where young people and parents alike can understand and learn to defend the Scriptures.

Events scheduled for each day include volunteers and Answers in Genesis specialists placed throughout the exhibits, giving summaries and explaining details in Spanish. Also, the Ark Encounter will host open-air concerts from noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday, September 30, featuring La IBO, a musical group from the Dominican Republic.

A special guest this year at the museum on October 1 is the popular former Mexican rapper Fermin IV, who will share his testimony of coming to faith in Christ and serving as a pastor. This Sunday concert at the museum will start at 4:30 p.m., following a musical performance by La IBO. AiG President Ken Ham will make a very special appearance at the concert.

On October 1, the Creation Museum will host a Spanish-language worship service at 10 a.m. in its Legacy Hall and then open the museum at 11 a.m. The museum will feature the “Last Adam” (“Postrer Adán”) film in Spanish in Legacy Hall throughout the day as well as a simultaneous interpretation of the entertaining “Men in White” film in the Special Effects Theater. At various times in both locations, Joe Owen will present, in Spanish, information about the Creation Museum, Ark Encounter, and Answers in Genesis, as well as all of the ministry’s resources available in Spanish, concluding with an evangelistic message. Other events such as educational workshops and presentations are scheduled throughout the day.

Answers in Genesis is an apologetics (i.e., Bible-defending) ministry based in northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati. Its Creation Museum, located west of the Cincinnati Airport, has welcomed well over 3 million visitors since opening in 2007 and has proved to be a major family attraction in the Midwest. This is the fifth time Día Latino has been hosted at the museum. AiG opened the Ark Encounter, a one-of-a-kind historically themed attraction last year with a massive Noah’s Ark in Williamstown, Kentucky, which sometimes draws 8,000 guests in a day. Built according to the biblical dimensions in Genesis chapter 6, the Ark stands seven stories high and is 510 feet in length, making it the largest freestanding, timber-frame structure in the world. The Ark is hosting Día Latino for the second time.

More information and tickets are available online at and, respectively.

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