How Did Noah Fit All the Animals on the Ark?

Noah didn’t take two of every species on the Ark—only two of each “kind” of animal. The biblical “kind” is actually more like the “family” level of classification. That’s a lot fewer animals!

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Animals on the Ark

How Many Animals Were on the Ark?

Recent studies have estimated that Noah may have cared for 1,398 kinds of land-dwelling animals and flying creatures. This includes all living and known extinct animals. Using a “worst-case scenario” approach in our calculations, there would have been 6,744 land animals and flying creatures on the Ark.

How Many Kinds of Animals Were on the Ark?
Ark Animal Size

Was There Enough Room?

According to the Bible, the Ark measured 300 x 50 x 30 cubits, which is a volume of about 1.88 million cubic feet. Without getting into all the math, all of the animals, food, storage, and supplies would have fit comfortably on the Ark.

How Big Was the Real Noah’s Ark?

See how many animals could fit in the Ark and how Noah may have housed them.

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