Ark Video Earns Telly Award

by Ark Encounter on November 14, 2013

Recently a promotional video for the Ark Encounter earned a silver Telly Award for videography/cinematography. The Telly Awards are not a competition but a rating given by a peer panel of industry professionals, and it is one of the most sought-after awards in this field. The silver award represents the highest honor.

This award-winning video was put together almost entirely by the talented Answers in Genesis staffs. The filming was also done by the Answers in Genesis audio/video team.

The teams that worked on this project are honored that the video won a sliver Telly Award. They are even more honored to have the opportunity to use their gifts and talents to tell others about Noah, the Ark, and the global Flood. The upcoming Ark Encounter theme park will serve as a reminder to the world that God’s judgment will not be delayed forever. Eventually, He will judge this world again, but Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has graciously given Himself as the only way by which we can be spared from the wrath we deserve.

Check out this award-winning production, and consider assisting us in this incredible project through prayer and financial support: