Strike a Pose

by Ark Encounter on June 3, 2014

Our past few posts have discussed some of the thought process that has gone into depicting Noah at the Ark Encounter. This godly individual is certainly the leading man in the biblical account of the Flood, but Noah also had seven family members on board with him.

At the Ark Encounter we will also need to show Noah’s wife, his three sons, and his three daughters-in-law. There was clearly plenty of work for Noah and his family to accomplish while on the Ark. They had to feed and water the animals, dispose of the waste, prepare meals, etc. In addition to all the work, what other things would they have done? Did they have time to enjoy one another’s company, to sing praises to the Creator, or to daydream about what the post-Flood world would be like?

Several of our designers have been involved in meetings to determine how each of these people will be shown inside our Ark. We recently had discussions about the concepts of the various poses for each family member.

Strike a Pose

Patrick Marsh, the senior design director for the Ark Encounter, explains the significance of the poses of each family member in the Ark.

Strike a Pose

Members of our design team discuss one of the proposed scenes for two of Noah’s sons.