Going for Wood

by Ark Encounter on June 9, 2014

The Bible tells us that Noah was to make the Ark out of gopher wood (Genesis 6:14). We really cannot be sure what gopher wood was or if it is still around today. Consequently, many people have asked if we were planning to build the Ark Encounter out of gopher wood. My standard response to this question is a well-qualified “maybe.” A recent blog post provides more insight about gopher wood.

We have heard the corny gopher wood joke more times than I can count: when God instructed Noah to build the Ark, Noah told his sons to “go for wood.” Well, we can relate to that sentiment since we will need to “go for wood” many times.

Recently, a friend of the ministry donated 68 large timbers for the Ark Encounter project. In the picture below, one of the Amish men involved in the Ark’s construction is seen during a recent trip to Georgia to inspect some of these trees:

Go for Wood

Here is a closer look at one of the donated trees:

Go for Wood

This will be one of many trips in which people connected with the Ark Encounter will “go for wood.” It is exciting to see how God is bringing together all the right people and materials at the right time and place to build this amazing project.

Please continue to keep our team and everyone involved with the Ark Encounter in your prayers. If you are interested in donating to our evangelistic efforts, please visit for more details.