Lehman Brothers Visit the Ark Site

by Ark Encounter on June 11, 2014

As you may be aware, numerous sections of the Ark itself will be assembled by a crew of Amish builders. Mike Zovath, our chief operations officer, recently had the privilege of showing the Lehman brothers (no immediate relation to the now-defunct investment firm) around the Ark property.

Lehman brothers visit Ark site

The Lehman family visits the Ark property. From left to right: Orie Lehman, Mike Zovath, and Earnest Lehman.

The Lehmans are amassing a construction crew from various Amish families in a handful of states. While the Lehmans were in the area, they visited the Williamstown Chamber of Commerce and some city officials as well as several local hotels—during our peak construction phase, nearly 100 workers will require housing. Although the Lehmans have been attached to the project for some time, their actual involvement in the Ark Encounter was fairly limited until recently. We look forward to working further with them on this unprecedented, gospel-proclaiming attraction.

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