Queue Line Conversations

by Ark Encounter on June 21, 2014

We have had numerous meetings to discuss a variety of logistical matters from parking, to transporting visitors to the main gate, to making sure people can access the exhibits and facilities in a timely manner.

Recently, we looked at the entrance to the Ark itself. How do you move ten thousand people through a single opening in one day? Studies have shown that when the Ark Encounter opens in 2016, we can expect thousands of guests to visit this Bible-based attraction. One of our tasks is to create a queue line capable of handling such a large volume of visitors that will also be educational, entertaining, and consistent with our overall message.

Queue Line Conversations

From left to right, Allen Greene (AiG exhibit designer) discusses a concept for the queue line layout with Tim Chaffey (AiG content manager) and Mike Belknap (AiG assistant content writer).

The queue line will start in a beautiful garden before moving underneath the Ark. There will be plenty of opportunities to help prepare guests for what they will experience once they enter the Ark.

As seen in the concept sketch below, our initial discussions have centered on guests walking through a construction zone and hearing some of Noah’s family members talk about the events taking place just prior to the Flood.

Queue Line

Concept sketch of the Ark queue line. Guests will be queued under the Ark before heading into it.

There are many factors to consider in designing this crucial element of the Ark Encounter. Since it may very well be the first time visitors see Noah’s family and get an up-close look at the Ark, we want to make sure their first impressions are memorable. One of the interesting facts about this initial concept for the queue line is that visitors would be able to see some of the technologies Noah’s family may have used, and they would get to know a little bit about the characters and their world before entering the Ark.

This is an exciting time for the team working on the Ark Encounter. There is still so much work to do. Please pray for our team, that we would do everything as unto the Lord in developing this amazing project.