Imagining the Pre-Flood World, Part 1

by Ark Encounter on June 24, 2014

One of the projects that we will be tackling for the Ark Encounter is figuring out some of the specifics of what the pre-Flood world may have been like. We know that evil abounded (Genesis 6:5, 11–12), but how was that wickedness manifested in everyday life? Below are some of the many questions we have considered as we develop some of the background details for the Ark Encounter.

What Did the People Believe?

  • What did the people worship? Were they all overtly pagan or were there religious systems of veiled hypocrisy?
  • What shaped their worldviews?
  • What sorts of cultures formed out of these worldviews?
  • Were the people nationalistic, tribalistic, individualistic, or something else?
Pre-Flood Shrine

This illustration was created for Ark Encounter by well-known artist and designer Reggie Stanton.

How Did the People Live?

  • Were there civil systems operating before the Flood? If so, what were they like? What about military forces?
  • What was the global human population at the time of the Flood?
  • What were their socio-economic models?
  • Was there agriculture, shipping, and mining?
  • What about medicine, technology, manufacturing, and scholarship?
  • How did they travel? Did they use animals for this purpose and did they have major roadways?
  • What sort of music did they listen to?
  • Where did Noah live, and where was the Ark built?
Pre-Flood Workers

Artist’s concept sketch depicting a couple of workers in the pre-Flood world

What Were the People Like?

  • What did they eat and drink?
  • Were there varying dialects or languages?
  • What sorts of clothing, shoes, or accessories did they wear?
  • What sorts of weaponry and armor did they develop?
  • What did they do for recreation or relaxation?
  • Were there popular sporting events or games that people attended?
Pre-Flood Dress

How did people dress prior to the Flood? One of our talented artists created these concepts based on research of ancient cultures.

There are many other things that we have to consider, some of which we will post in the next blog post. In the meantime, do you have your own ideas or questions about pre-Flood civilization? Leave them as comments on our Facebook fan page.

Thank for reading!