Posing As Noah’s Family

by Ark Encounter on November 28, 2014

How many art directors does it take to conduct a photo shoot? I’m not sure, but some of our team members are having fun with the process.

At the Ark Encounter we will be depicting Noah and his family members in a variety of situations throughout the vessel. Before fabricating these characters we need to know what poses to put them in to make sure that a character’s body language is appropriate for the scene.

To determine the correct poses, several members of our team served as models of Noah’s family members during a recent photo shoot.

Posing for Noah's Family

Kendyl Adams and Joel Briggs pose while other team members enjoy some laughs at their expense.

Activity has really picked up at the Ark Encounter, and we are moving full-speed ahead in designing the various exhibits while the land is being prepared for the Ark’s construction. Please continue to pray for everyone involved in the project.

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