News from the Construction Site

by Ark Encounter on February 5, 2015

Space-age technology is being used at the Ark construction site! Unlike Noah, we have the opportunity to use satellite-based technology to help save time and money when surveying and building at our construction site. Thanks to a development in software that works with the GPS, bulldozers are equipped with devices that determine blade positions during the grading process. It is believed that construction companies can calculate the position of equipment and survey lines with pinpoint accuracy, thus saving the time needed to map and stake a construction site by as much as 60 to 70 percent. Notice the GPS receivers mounted to the blade of this bulldozer at the Ark construction site.

There are two major areas where the earthmovers were used at the construction site: one is where the Ark is being built and the other is across the valley where the parking lot is being constructed. Here is a picture of some of the earthmovers that are finished on the Ark side of the valley and are waiting to be loaded up and hauled away.