Tour of the Ark Fabrication Area

by Ark Encounter on March 24, 2015

If you are interested in seeing the progress of our AiG design team in person, you might consider visiting the warehouse where the design studio is housed when Answers in Genesis hosts its on April 10–11. On those days, there will be free guided tours of the Ark Encounter fabrication areas. The tours will be safe for children because the shop area is fenced off, though still visible.

The tour will feature the topographical scale model of the Ark property, the scale models of different areas of the Ark, animals, cages, and other designs being developed. You will be able to see a build-out of an Ark bay that the AiG designers will use to help them as they plan and fill out the various exhibits. Upon completing one exhibit, the designers and fabricators will pack it up and store it, so that they can start on the next exhibit.

By the time of your visit, our giraffe kind should be complete and looking lifelike.

Giraffe Kind Model Giraffe Kind Model Giraffe Kind Model