The Enormity of It All

by Ark Encounter on March 27, 2015

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day here in Kentucky and a great day to take videos of the Ark Encounter property to share with our readers. As you may know, we had to level off the tops of several ridges to create parking lots for the enormous number of guests that are projected just the first year. Here is a video of one such lot to give you a perspective of its size.

The vehicle of the videographer is traveling about 10 mph, and it takes almost two minutes to move from the far end to where the transit buses will pick up the guests to take them to the Ark, which is over a mile away via the transit route. The parking lots are going to be so huge that somebody suggested we name the different areas of the lots after animals to help people remember where they parked.

Several weeks ago, we produced a video of what the transit road looks like going from the Ark toward the bridge. The following video shows what the road looks like going from the parking lots down to an area close to where the bridge will be built.