Growing Every Day

by Ark Encounter on May 20, 2015

As the Ark construction continues to grow, so does everything else connected to it. Just yesterday, the first shipment of glu-lams arrived, so the laydown yard just became larger. With the arrival of the timbers and lumber, the work crews are increasing. About 70 Amish workers will soon arrive to assemble the wooden structure while locally based masons continue building the towers to a height of seven stories.

This increase in workers on site has necessitated a search for local caterers to deliver lunches every day throughout the summer for the Amish who are staying in local establishments and going home for the weekends. As you can see, the construction of the Ark Encounter will have a positive impact on the economic growth in Grant County and will increase exponentially in the days ahead. Just imagine what will happen when the projected number of guests begin arriving to visit the Ark Encounter when it is completed!

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