Wood to Arrive All Summer

by Ark Encounter on May 18, 2015

You would think that with 1,600,000 board feet of timber and lumber set to be delivered at the Ark construction site, that there would be a caravan of trucks streaming through the gate. But with the unloading and stacking of pre-cut and precision-fit lumber, it is a slow, meticulous project. Each stack has to be carefully catalogued and stacked in the laydown yard so that the construction crews will know exactly where to find them when it is time to start assembling the bents. Wednesday, just two trucks arrived from Colorado instead of dozens, but the trucks will continue to arrive throughout the spring and summer months. Also, remember that there are the glu-lams coming up from Alabama; they should start arriving this week. Imagine the size of the laydown yard as these trucks arrive with their loads!

It was interesting to see the lumber all wrapped up in plastic, but that is to protect it from the elements until it is time to start fitting the pieces together. Can’t have that precision-cut wood warping or bowing before the Amish work crews get their hands on it!

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