Visitors to the Observation Deck

by Ark Encounter on August 31, 2015

Construction Viewing Area Closed

The observation area to view the Ark’s construction is now closed, but the park will be open to the public on July 7, 2016. Plan your visit to the life-size Noah’s Ark.

Friday morning’s weather was absolutely gorgeous! It’s days like we have experienced this past week that make visiting the Ark Construction Observation an absolute must for your bucket list. Be sure to take in this remarkable sight before Labor Day.

Talking with guests at the site revealed their disbelief that the Ark will be opened next summer. Viewed from a distance, it is still obviously a massive structure that to their minds can’t be finished by next summer. But that is our goal. And the construction company assures us that we will be open for next summer’s busy tourist season. So you had better make your way to Kentucky if you want to be able to tell your grandkids that you saw the Ark under construction. The second one, that is.

Visit our Ark Encounter page to get all of the information that you need to make your visit successful. Hey, and don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy these late summer days in beautiful Kentucky.

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