Staff Picnic

by Ark Encounter on September 21, 2015

This past Saturday, Answers in Genesis invited all of the employees and their immediate families to the Ark Encounter property for a picnic that included an up-close tour of the Ark. Saturday’s forecast was the only one in a two-week period that called for any rain, but God blessed us with a beautiful evening after a misty rain at the very start. For the majority of our staff, it was their first time to see the Ark up close, which was possible since the construction was finished for the weekend. The staff of the administration did a great job cooking and providing gifts for the families and providing shuttle rides down to the Ark structure and back. Over 600 people were expected, and it seemed like they all showed up!

We really appreciated that Doug Gilliam, our safety expert on the site, put up fencing that made touring the Ark extremely safe for the families, and we appreciated the Department of Public Safety being on hand to help this day go off smoothly without incident!

Staff Picnic Staff Picnic Staff Picnic Staff Picnic