AiG Board Considers Ark Encounter Progress

by Ark Encounter on October 6, 2015

It’s always an exciting time when the Answers in Genesis board members come to town. The last time the group was here in June, the Ark’s construction was mostly just concrete and masonry, with bents being assembled on the ground, but none were in place yet. Now, just four months later, a couple of the members who are from more remote parts of the country and haven’t been to the construction site got the real treat of seeing 15 bents in place and the third tower almost complete. It is the third tower that needs to be completed before more bents can be put up at that end of the Ark. In the meantime, over 90 workers keep plugging away.

With the current construction and the anticipated increase in attendance at the Creation Museum, the board members will be spending hours deliberating around the conference room, hearing from different managers, analyzing the progress to date, and considering the best way to accommodate the crowds descending on Northern Kentucky next summer when Ark Encounter opens.