The Ice Age on Display

by Ark Encounter on October 7, 2015

Have you ever wondered about the Ice Age and how it fits in the history of the world? Or why the woolly mammoths and mastodons ceased to exist? And what were they doing in places that didn’t seem conducive to their habitat as seen on Earth today? Many such questions are tackled by our scientists that write for our magazine Answers; also, many of these questions are addressed at the Creation Museum and in our New Answers Books. But soon, at the Ark Encounter, our guests will be able to get a good visual of how the Ice Age affected the world following the Flood. On the third floor of the Ark, there will be a 36’x12’ display that will give our visitors an alternative answer to the millions of years that they have been indoctrinated with via the classroom and television all their lives.

Here are some pictures showing the work that Zachary Hayley has been working on. The actual display is under the direction of Jon Taylor, a lead production designer for AiG.

Ice Age Exhibit Ice Age Exhibit Ice Age Exhibit Ice Age Exhibit