Adding New Cages and Animal Eyes to the Collection

by Ark Encounter on October 12, 2015

As the cages start to stack up in the warehouse, new types of cages have been added to the collection. The first photo is of the door of a bat cage and the second photo is of bird cages.

Bat Cage Door Bird Cages

We’ve been working on the giraffe kind and finally it looks like one of the artists will begin airbrushing this white fur to make it look like the representative of the giraffe kind that entered the Ark.

Giraffe Kind

What is really fascinating is how the animals come to life when you put eyes on them. Even when they are in their early stages of production, an animal with eyes in place looks real. Here are some pictures of animals waiting to have their eyes installed and one with the eyes already in place.

Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes

Please keep the AiG team of designers and artists in your prayers as they work feverishly to finish all of the displays for the Ark.