God’s Faithfulness in Providing the Right Land for the Ark

by Ark Encounter on October 15, 2015

If you have heard Ken Ham speak, watched the videos, and read the blog posts on the construction of the Ark Encounter, you probably have realized that the planning and the logistics of building the Ark even in modern times are quite daunting. Just finding a suitable parcel of land in Northern Kentucky was a challenge with all the local hills and ridges. And finding a big enough ridge with the proper northeast to southwest alignment made it even trickier. However, God is faithful and provided the land for Answers in Genesis to begin building. We have seen His hand in this project.

You may wonder what ridge alignment has to do with the construction of the Ark. Well, have you ever noticed in all of the pictures of the construction site taken from the front that there is never a view of the sun? The reason is that the developers designed it so that the Ark will always make for a perfect photo op with no shadows being cast on it during any part of the day!

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