Where the Rubber Meets the Road

by Ark Encounter on December 9, 2015

We have less than seven months until the Ark Encounter opening day event, and we expect at least 1.4 million guests to visit the first year, so we are thankful to be moving ahead on the parking lot project, which will allow our guests to visit the life-size Noah’s Ark with convenience. The hard work of moving dirt, leveling ridges, and grading gravel for the massive parking lot and roadways at the Ark Encounter is almost over! We’re excited to see the blacktop arrive on the construction site.

Parking Lot

Usually when people drive by construction sites, they know it is close to being finished when the parking lot gets paved. Such is the case with the Ark Encounter, but just on a massive scale. We will be opening to the public on July 7, 2016, so between now and then we have to cover a huge amount of surface area with asphalt to help us park close to 4,000 cars.

We also want to highlight the tram road, which will allow buses to transport guests from the parking lot to the entrance to Ark Encounter.

Parking Lot

In the last photo taken from atop the Ark, you can see the mile-long tram road as it winds into the valley where it will cross the bridge and begin its ascent to the ridge where the Ark is located.

Parking Lot