Three Weeks Until Exhibit Installation Begins

by Ark Encounter on December 14, 2015

At the Ark Encounter design studio, the AiG designers, artists, and fabricators have been hard at work to make the pieces that will appear in the 132 exhibit bays on board the life-size Noah’s Ark. With the Ark Encounter opening on July 7, 2016, and now that the colder weather is approaching, it’s almost time to seal up portions of the ship! This will allow us to control the climate on board and allow the workers to begin exhibit installation.

We have been watching the weeks count down before we can start sending things down to the actual Ark site for install. We’re so happy it is down to single digit numbers!

Three Weeks

The rectangular portion of the ship is being sealed up to allow for climate control so that the workers can continue their work on the interior. In the meantime, this will allow us to begin setting up some of the displays we have created in the design studio, such as Noah’s study and the different living quarters. Also, we will be able to start building some walls for other exhibits. Soon truckloads of cages, storage vessels, props, animals, and so much more will be emptied out of the warehouse in Boone County and shipped to the Ark site as the interior work is prepared to receive it.

Noah’s Workshop Noah’s Workshop

Notice the sign also is counting down the weeks until we are open—just 28 weeks left! There’s still time to order your boarding passes to ensure you’ll be one of the first to visit the Ark!