Mmm . . . Foam-Flavored Green Beans

by Ark Encounter on June 2, 2016

Want to learn a behind-the-scenes trick of the trade? How do you display a basketful of artificial green bean snips without using an entire basketful of artificial green bean snips?

You use a fake bottom!

Green Beans

Here is Sarah, an AiG fabricator for the Ark, working on modifying these foam green beans for use in the dining scene where you’ll meet Noah’s son Ham and his wife preparing food for that night’s meal. Sarah is snipping off the ends, just like you would before cooking them in a meal, and piling them in a basket to display in this scene. For being made of foam, they look pretty tasty!

Sarah and Beans
Bean Detail

The attention to detail is not lost on the designers, fabricators, and artists working at the Ark Encounter design studio in Hebron, Kentucky. There will actually be quite a few baskets of beans in this scene.

Completed Beans
Half Full Beans

Come see if you can spot these foam beans in person when you come visit after Ark Encounter opens on July 7! Then you can tell all your friends a cool fact about how they were made.