Meet Trinity, the Ark Encounter Joey

by Ark Encounter on August 17, 2017

The Ararat Ridge Zoo at the Ark Encounter is home to several red kangaroos! We are excited to announce that we have introduced our first hand-raised red kangaroo joey, Trinity, to the public.

Behind the Name

Like all the animals at the zoo, Trinity has a name derived from the Bible. Since she was the third red kangaroo born at the Ararat Ridge Zoo, the zookeepers decided to give her the name Trinity.

Trinity the Kangaroo

Growing Up in the “Mob”

Trinity was born in January. Her mother, Saba, and father, Solomon, are a part of the Ararat Ridge Zoo’s kangaroo mob (the name for a group of kangaroos). After a 35-day gestation, joeys are born the size of jellybeans. They remain in their mothers’ pouches for up to eight months.

Trinity the Kangaroo

Caring for Trinity

Since Trinity is being hand-raised by our zookeepers, they carry her around in an artificial pouch that she absolutely loves! She currently receives a bottle two times a day but is enjoying solid foods, such as lettuce, sweet potatoes, and Mazuri kangaroo pellets. She also loves bananas and watermelon as treats!

Trinity the Kangaroo

All of our kangaroos at the Ararat Ridge Zoo have been hand-raised once they become old enough to naturally leave the pouch. This gives them a friendlier temperament. This also makes them calmer during vet visits, transports, and guest interactions.

Meet Trinity

Our zookeepers have started introducing her to the public on Deck Two of the Ark, where various animals are brought inside for guests to meet each day. Trinity is being eased into the animal encounters to see how she handles interacting with people, and zookeepers will extend her time around guests as she gets more comfortable.

Trinity the Kangaroo

Check out our social media team’s latest update on Trinity in the video below.

When you plan your visit to the Ark Encounter, remember that the Ararat Ridge Zoo is free with your admission. Keep your eye out for Trinity as you tour Deck Two, and then head outside to see our other animals. You can also purchase donkey rides for $6 and camel rides for $8. Share your favorite photos with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #arkencounter.