Start a New School Year at the Ark Encounter

by Ark Encounter on August 7, 2017

As your family gets ready for the new school year, add a visit to the Ark Encounter to your back-to-school checklist. Whether your children are in public, private, or home school, we have many exhibits with teaching material that provides a solid biblical foundation to start the academic year. Here are four subjects you can learn about at the Ark Encounter to start off your school year on the right foot!

West Village at Ark Encounter


In our exhibits, learn about the different animal kinds that Noah could have taken aboard the Ark and discover how so few animal kinds became many different species. In the Animal Kinds exhibit, for example, you will find out why changes within kinds don’t support evolution.

Animal Kinds

In the Babel exhibit, you will also learn that there are no significant, only superficial biological differences among people groups as we are all apart of one human race.

One Human Race


Your family will also learn about geology when you visit The Flood and Ice Age exhibits which look at this subject from a biblical worldview. In these two exhibits, you’ll find out about what happened outside the Ark during the Flood and the changes that occurred to the earth after the global Flood.

Flood Geology


As you walk through the life-size Noah’s Ark, you’ll provide your family with a biblical foundation about the history of the world. Each of our exhibits explains our history by starting with God’s Word. For example, in the Ancient Man exhibit, see how the great pyramid, Stonehenge, and technology teach us about the intelligence of ancient man throughout history.

Ancient Man


Get an up-close view of some animals from the Ararat Ridge Zoo on Deck Two of the Ark during special live encounter times. Here you can learn more from our zookeepers about our animals.

Animal Encounter

After your Ark tour, head out to the zoo behind the Ark to meet even more animals. Ararat Ridge Zoo, which is included with your admission, is centered on a biblical theme and presents teaching material about the animals from this worldview. The zoo is an excellent place to bring the budding scientist or animal lover in your family!

Ararat Ridge Zoo

Plan your trip to the Ark Encounter today to help your children prepare for the new school year! Share your favorite photos with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #arkencounter.